2012 NAIS Annual Conference | Seattle | Feb 29 - Mar 2, 2012

Families First

Families First Facilitators

Gail Suitor, Lisa Zeller, and Barbara Bassett contribute their time, energy, and experience to help make the NAIS Families First Program a successful one.

Gail Suitor Photo 

Gail Suitor

Gail loves being the "First Lady" of the Long Trail School (Vermont). She and John Suitor III, not to be confused with John Suitor II at Aspen Country Day School (Colorado), have three girls ages 17, 11, and seven years. The 17-year-old attends the Long Trail School, the two younger girls attend the local elementary school. Before Long Trail School, Gail and John spent 16 years at Foxcroft School (Virginia). Gail was hired at Foxcroft as director of publications. After receiving her master's degree in special education for adolescents with learning disabilities, she became director of the Learning Center for Humanities. She currently works part time for the BOMA Fund, a nonprofit organization that works in Northern Kenya starting micro-enterprises, runs her own professional organizing business, and chairs one nonprofit board, while raising her three girls.

 Lisa Zeller Photo

Lisa Zeller

Lisa is currently teaching String Orchestra to students in grades 2-8 at The Community School of Naples (Florida). Her husband John has been the head of school for 10 years, and their two daughters are in the seventh and ninth grades. After playing professionally in symphony orchestras as a violinist, Lisa enjoys the challenges and rewards of teaching music and being part of the school community as a colleague, parent, and spouse of the head of school.

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