2012 NAIS Annual Conference | Seattle | Feb 29 - Mar 2, 2012

Families First

Families First

Families First provides professional and personal support to the partners of heads of independent schools in the United States and Canada and seeks to:

  1. help its constituents understand the nature of the partner's role in an independent school;
  2. examine the tools and skills necessary to fill these roles and provide opportunities to develop skills as appropriate;
  3. offer networking opportunities; and
  4. develop and present ongoing professional programs for heads, trustees, and partners on how to create healthy school communities.

The program is led by Gail Suitor and Lisa Zeller, who are themselves spouses of school heads, and by Barbara Bassett, whose husband Patrick Bassett previously served as head of school at several schools and is now president of NAIS. The program is supported by NAIS staff.

Families First provides networking, programming at the NAIS Annual Conference, and resources. We encourage all spouses and partners of school heads to join us for the program at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. You must be registered for the conference and have a Families First ticket for Wednesday to attend.

See the results of our survey looking at partner/spouse compensation for heads of school.

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