2012 NAIS Annual Conference | Seattle | Feb 29 - Mar 2, 2012


Three-Hour Workshops

Here are the optional three-hour workshops. If a presenter has shared the workshop presentation or handouts, then there will be link to download these items immediately beneath the workshop description.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
1:00 - 4:00 PM

W1. Advancement Solutions: Strategic Programming for Small Development Shops
The challenge: Build and sustain a robust philanthropy program in a highly competitive "post bubble" economy. See what it takes to run top-notch advancement programs in even the smallest offices. Return to school ready to put practical ideas and strategic solutions to work confidently in your own shop.
PRESENTERS: Starr Snead, Advancement Connections (SC); Shelley Reese Cornish, The Learning Center for the Deaf (MA)

W2. Redefining Target Marketing: Digital Techniques to Engage Each of Your Audiences
Would you like to speak meaningfully to specific audience subsets, but time and budgets are tight? You still can -- use imagination and modern techniques to overcome limitations while staying within your budget.
PRESENTERS: Patti Crane, Crane MetaMarketing Ltd. (GA); Bernard Fertal and Barbara Kennedy, Baylor School (TN); Angelo Otterbein, Silverpoint Inc. (MD)
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W3. Hit the Ground Running: New Trustee Selection, Orientation, and Training
Do you have the right people (and enough of the right people) at your board table? Do your new trustees hit the ground running? We'll explore best-practice methods for identifying and cultivating new trustees, structuring a power-packed orientation, and providing ongoing training geared to take your entire board to a new level of effectiveness.
PRESENTERS: Ginny Christensen, Strategy for Growth, LLC (PA); Nancy Donnelly, United Friends School (PA)
Click on the links below to download the PDFs for this presentation:

  1. Research Study -- Christensen
  2. Research Study -- Chait, Holland, and Taylor
  3. Tasks Worksheet
  4. Supercharge Folio -- inside pages
  5. Supercharge Folio -- outside pages
  6. Orientation Overview
  7. Individual Trustee Action Plan

W4. Building a Solid Character Program at Your School
Discuss the absolute must elements of great character education programs and develop a roadmap to take your school from an OK program to one showing measurable results. Review a checklist and leave with expert-backed, precise ideas and tools specifically designed to improve your school's character program.
PRESENTERS: David Streight, Center for Spiritual & Ethical Education (OR); Adriana Murphy, Green Acres School (MD)
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W5. Building a Truly Global Mindset in Your Faculty and Students
This interactive and engaging workshop offers concrete ways to enhance and expand global education both on and off the campus. Experience new assessments and strategies schools can use to meet the needs of their 21st century graduates, and hear how Madeira School's award-winning Co-Curriculum Program is being revamped to creatively engage students locally and globally.
PRESENTERS: David Maher and Ross Wehner, World Leadership School (CO); Andre Withers, The Madeira School (VA)

W6. Experiential Education: Trends, Themes, and Curricular Integration
Join members of the Independent Schools Experiential Education Network for a dynamic workshop regarding common themes of experiential education. Focus on funding, curriculum, evaluation, and risk management in outdoor/adventure education, global education, sustainability, and service learning programs.
PRESENTERS: Vicki Weeks, global education consultant (WA); Kevin Cook, St. Michaels University School (CANADA);
Siri Fiske, Chadwick School (CA)
Click here to download the PDF of the outline of this workshop.

W7. Making the Headship Work in Today's World
Improve your ability to support the complex roles of the changing headship, including serving as anchor, educational guru and CEO, pastor, catalyst, fund-raiser extraordinaire, and ambassador. We'll apply Debbie Freed's Systems Lens model, developmental and organizational management theory tools and practices.
PRESENTERS: Debbie Freed, Debbie Freed and Associates (CA); Albert Adams, Al Adams Consultancy (CA); Lucinda Lee Katz, Marin Country Day School (CA)

W8. Move from "Why Innovate?" to "How?" -- Become an Entrepreneurial School
Entrepreneurs know how to innovate. Discuss how to innovate at your school by developing the entrepreneur's mindset in the board, head of school, administrators, teachers, and students. Cultivate understanding in the entrepreneur's innovation process, building capacity by moving through resistance, and developing organizational habits of innovation.
PRESENTERS: Jamie Baker, Reverb Consulting (TN); A. Lee Burns, Presbyterian Day School (TN); Grant Lichtman, Francis Parker School (CA); Bo Adams, The Westminster Schools (GA)

W9. Addressing Student Discipline When It Meets Technology
Are your policies keeping up with technology? What are reporting obligations for sexting cases? Do faculty have any rights when they are the injured party? Is there a legal nexus for jurisdiction on Facebook? Should smart phones be allowed in locker rooms? Is there an expectation for privacy? Is a fake online identity considered identity theft? Learn essential updates.
PRESENTERS: Katherine Koestner, Campus Outreach Services (PA); Jeff Dayton, The Madeira School (VA); Andrew Speyer, Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
Click on the links below to download PDFs of the workshop materials.

  1. Technology: Embracing Your Newest Policy and Disciplinary Frontier 
  2. Cyber-Safety and Technology Issues for Schools
  3. COS Keeping Current White Paper
  4. Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage Overview
  5. The Cyber-Smarts Program and Training Series for Schools

W10. Active Leadership: Innovation and Community Engagement
How does a school organize for continuous innovation -- particularly in engaging with its broader community? Wingspan Partnerships and two school heads will offer in-depth case studies, lessons learned, and strategies to innovate successfully in your school and community.
PRESENTERS: Jacqueline Smethurst and David Drinkwater, Wingspan Partnerships (CA); Janet Durgin, Sonoma Academy (CA); Gordon McNeill, Sage Hill School (CA)
Click on the following links to download workshop materials.

  1. Wingspan Partnerships
  2. Sage Hill School
  3. Sonoma Academy

W11. Crisis! Attack on Three Fronts -- News Media, Social Media, and Parents
Join us for an interactive workshop that will use actual case studies of crises recently faced by schools. You'll return to school with proven strategies and effective methods in dealing with the most difficult circumstances.
PRESENTERS: Jane Hulbert, The Jane Group (IL); Meredyth Cole, The Madeira School (VA)

W12. Financial Resilience and Planning for Strategic Marketing and Communications
NAIS data show that the downward pressure on schools' budgets will continue for some time: from smaller donations, to increased applications for financial aid, to erratic endowment valuations. Explore leadership, marketing/communication, enrollment, and budget management as building blocks for your school's resilience and support for its longevity and success.
PRESENTERS: Vanessa Wassenar, Rockland Country Day School (MA); Mike Connor, Connor Associates Strategic Services (CA)
Click here to download the PDF for this workshop.

W13. Take Service Learning to a Higher Level
Service learning continues to evolve from an extracurricular to an essential, integrated part of school programs. Explore all facets of service learning, from engagement with local refugee and immigrant communities to in-depth trips abroad. Engage in lively discussions and videos on social action, authentic service learning, student-led projects, and the role of proper planning and reflection. Bring your ideas and your knowledge!
PRESENTERS: Paul Miller, NAIS (DC); panel of NAIS member schools

W14. The New Normal: Rethinking Technology Leadership in a World of Ubiquitous Access
Rethink assumptions about technology leadership and implementation given evolving innovations in digital tools and practices. Learn how the spread of 1:1 devices, cloud-based ubiquitous access, and an emphasis on natural integration impact the "business" of schools. Explore alternative leadership models that support innovations in teaching and the role of technology.
PRESENTERS: Howard Levin, Schools of the Sacred Heart -- Convent & Stuart Hall (CA); Antonio Viva, Walnut Hill School for the Arts (MA); Keith Gillette, Lake Forest Country Day School (IL)
Click here to link to workshop materials.

CANCELLED W15. You Be the Judge! A Mock Employment Law Trial
In this "hypothetical" case, an independent school decides not to renew a long-term teacher's contract. The teacher brings suit and the allegations fly! This mock trial will provide you with realistic insight into the practicalities of employment litigation. As a member of the jury, you will decide the case. Join us for this highly interactive session.
PRESENTERS: Michael Blacher and Donna Williamson, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore (CA); Mark Brooks, Pilgrim School (CA); Katherine Dinh, Prospect Sierra School (CA); Jayne Geiger, Far Hills Country Day School (NJ); William Hannum and Sara Schwartz, Schwartz Hannum PC (MA); Roger Weaver, The Weaver Group (CA)

W16. A Practical Guide to Developing a 21st Century Learning Community
Make your school a model for 21st century learning. Using interactive and engaging 21st century pedagogy, a team from an award-winning "School of the Future" in Hawaii will lead groups of teachers and administrators through the process in three areas: program and assessment, technology, and building adult professional learning communities.
PRESENTERS: Kate Mulligan, Marc Saks, and Adrienne White, Hualalai Academy (HI); John Blossom, Parker School (HI)

W17. Best Practice in Neurodiversity
Discover why neurological research should inform classroom practice to maximize the success of students who learn differently by rejecting the traditional "deficit model." Thinking differently about how we learn challenges traditional ideas of academic ability and leads us to teach differently.
PRESENTERS: Alison Gammage, National Cathedral School (DC); Katherine Schantz, The Lab School of Washington (DC)
Click here to download the PDF for this workshop.

W18. Design Thinking: Unlocking the Key to Innovation
Curious about design thinking? Wonder what might drive innovation in your school or classroom? Passionate, experienced workshop leaders will guide you through the design process as we collectively uncover the issues, identify questions for inquiry, work as teams to ideate and prototype, challenge one another with results, and leave with toolkits for change.
PRESENTERS: Laura Deisley, The Lovett School (GA); Trung Le, Cannon Design (IL); Christian Long, Cannon Design / The Third Teacher Plus (OH); Jeff Sharpe, Be Playful Design (TX)
Click here to access workshop materials.

W19. Educating Global Citizens: Innovation, Imagination, and Inspiration
This intensive conflict resolution simulation will enable you to think in more critical, creative, and collaborative ways about teaching global citizenship in your school. Plus, learn to prevent conflict in ways that awaken moral reasoning and impart social and civic skills that you can apply to myriad facets of independent school life.
PRESENTERS: Carl Hobert, Axis of Hope (MA); Robert Greene, Marin Country Day School (CA)

CANCELLED W20. Systems Thinking, System Dynamics, and Sustainability
Help students intervene to create sustainable systems. Explore systems thinking, build a system dynamics STELLA model about the tragedy of the commons, see students' models, play with a range of models, and take home a list of resources to support ST/SD in the classroom. Bring a laptop; the software, with a timed license, will be provided.
PRESENTER: Dexter Chapin, Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences (WA)

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